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Our mission is to promote our 2000 years old Orthodox tradition through world-class designed physical products that will delight and attract the believes, as well as people from various different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Because navigating websites can be a daunting task sometimes, we wanted to create a little guide here and take you by the hand through our product collections. However, if you’re looking for some basic info, like the correctness of wearing these designs on your T-Shirts, iPhones and Samsung phones, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

There are 2 ways you can go about exploring on our website:

– Exploring Design motifs
– Exploring Product types

Design motifs are artistic depictions and takes on various Orthodox icons and symbols. They’ve been created by Orthodox artists and scholars and they all keep a high respect towards the Orthodox iconography. You can access all of them in the main navigation under “Explore All Orthodox Motifs”.

Product types are t-shirts for men and women, phone cases, bags, mugs etc. You can also select them from the main navigation.

Design Motif categories are:

Product Types are:

Once you select a desired category, you’ll always have the option to add other products and designs to your search using filters.

If you’re wondering about the general things like Shipping and Delivery, where the designs come from or even about the correctness of wearing these symbols and icons on your tees and phones, we have included a handy set of links here. Feel free to contact us at any time and we will be more than happy to answer and assist you.

Since we’re adding new designs weekly, we invite you to leave us your email address here, so that you can be instantly notified as new products and collections come along:


In Christ,
Justin (P. Jivko) Panev
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Senior lecturer at the Saint Serge Institute of Orthodox Theology in Paris